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Below you find some of the activities in the area:

- Walking distance to some well known restaurant and breakfast places

- Diving and snorkeling

- Canoeing through Wildlife refuge / Sea kayaking

- Wild water rafting

- Surfing at the famous surfing spot at Cocles

- Walking distance to Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge

- A visit to Cahuita Wildlife Refuge

- A visit to Bri Bri Indian tribe

- Enjoy and relax at the pristine beaches of the South-Caribbean coast

- Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Puerto Viego. Puerto Viejo has a big variety of bars, restaurants and little shops

- Yoga course at well respected Yoga School

There are many other activities in the area just contact us and we will help you out with planning the activities you want during your stay at Villa Luz Y Sombar.